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Ok, you are probably wonder what this voting is for right???  Well it is for a new site design, I would like to see what you (the members/staff) want for the design.  Since this is an anime site, I was thinking maybe to have more of an "anime like" feel, instead of the "technical like" feel the site currently has.
As it states on the other site designs: I would like you to browse around, to see if you like what you see....All people can login under there current logins of BA, but you will not have the same user status as you would.  And all the features that BA offers is not active on the other design sites cause they are just for testing purposes.

Then after browsing on the design options, please vote on 2 of the designs which you like best back below.  To multi-vote, hold control (ctrl) when clicking (ONLY SELECT 2 DESIGNS!!!!).

The poll contains the designs of:

Current BA design
Design #2 - Design2
Design #3 - Design3
Design #4 - Design4

Please bring others along to vote as well, I am allowing non-members to vote as well, so please...I just want a wide variety of opinions for the designs.  And after a week, I will continue with a poll for the 2 best voted designs.
This poll ends: August 7th.


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10 cheetahrob   (2009/Aug/03 5:04 PM) [Entry]
i like 2 cause there's a bleach character and 4 but it'd be neat to have a different character on 4. i like 4 mostly cause it's green. can you put a bleach character on 4? that would make it the best.

okay i made up my mind and i'm going to vote for 4.

8 gaga   (2009/Aug/02 2:40 PM) [Entry]
from which anime is the girl from #4?

9 overdrive_king   (2009/Aug/03 0:07 AM) [Entry]
that I do not know...

7 MacazBitch   (2009/Aug/02 9:38 AM) [Entry]
i voted 3 wooo D.N Angel

6 overdrive_king   (2009/Aug/01 12:18 PM) [Entry]
Got something against purple???...Cuz I drive a purple car...

5 Smokey_Otacon   (2009/Jul/31 11:36 PM) [Entry]
i love number 3 man

4 gaga   (2009/Jul/31 7:10 PM) [Entry]
yaaay thanks od!!!

2 gaga   (2009/Jul/31 2:19 PM) [Entry]
voted 4 finaly but i like 3 also sad

1 gaga   (2009/Jul/31 2:14 PM) [Entry]
waaa they are all awesome!!
but after browsing a little i like the 3rd and the 4th the most, can't decide between those two.. wacko

3 overdrive_king   (2009/Jul/31 3:37 PM) [Entry]
I'll fix it for you so that 3 and 4 are voted for by you.

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