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This site has now moved to:

It is still being worked on, but the main portion of it is done and ready to launch!

So please head over and enjoy!

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In roughly 1 month, or before, I will be moving the site to another host server to further promote it over the web, and to provide bigger and better goodies to its members.  When that site is up and running, I will let everyone know, but until that time comes, I will continue to work on and come onto this site to continue its development.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it will have the site further meet the needs of the members.  So please continue to be active on the site and enjoy.

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Just to let you know I have cleaned up the design of the forum a bit, so yes some threads were deleted, but all people affected were fixed up, so your post count should be where it was at before.

Also I am still looking for anyone willing to help out with the downloads, just let me know @:

1: via PM
2. via email :
3. or via IM: - AIM
or 4.  comment on this news entry

Manga downloads will be ready shortly, and for the Bleach and Naruto Mangas, I will be putting their chapters up starting from the beginning of July and continuing from their, since they have lots of volumes and chapters.
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