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News Blitz
Latest news and updates found here
4 33 Friday, 2009/Sep/25, 2:25 PM
Thread: New Additions
Posted by: overdrive_king
Rules and Regulations
Website Rules and Regulations described here.
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Feedback and Complaints
Give us your ideas and complaints.
2 10 Wednesday, 2009/Sep/23, 0:34 AM
Thread: Banners!
Posted by: Marlboro-Man
Download Requests
All Anime/Manga/OST download requests go here.
3 3 Monday, 2009/Oct/19, 1:59 AM
Thread: Request for Inuyasha
Posted by: ELKL

The Lounge
Newbies' Area
The new guys to the site, introduce yourselves here.
15 164 Tuesday, 2009/Sep/22, 11:56 PM
Thread: Heey
Posted by: Marlboro-Man
Departing Office
Leaving temporary or for good? Say your goodbyes.
3 14 Monday, 2009/Oct/19, 7:43 PM
Thread: Adios Muchachos
Posted by: gaga
General Discussion
Talk about anything serious or not here...(just no spam)
5 73 Friday, 2009/Sep/25, 4:10 AM
Thread: What do you do for a living?
Posted by: overdrive_king
Sporting Central
Sporting Discussion
1 3 Wednesday, 2009/Jul/29, 5:48 PM
Thread: Wondering How The Crickets G...
Posted by: Yaoi
Discussion of: Movies, Books, Music, and more here
2 29 Wednesday, 2009/Sep/23, 0:24 AM
Thread: Favriout Movie?
Posted by: Marlboro-Man

Soul Society and Seireitei
General Discussion
General discussion of the Bleach series.
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Bleach Anime Discussion
Bleach Anime Discussion (use spoilers if neccessary)
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Bleach Manga Discussion
Bleach Manga Discussion (use spoilers if neccessary)
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Konoha Times
General Discussion
General discussion of the Naruto series
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Naruto Anime Discussion
Naruto Anime Discussion (use spoilers if neccessary)
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Naruto Manga Discussion
Naruto Manga Discussion (use spoilers if neccessary)
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Gundam Hanger
General Discussion
General Discussion of the Gundam series
1 7
Posted by:
Gundam Anime Discussion
Gundam Anime Discussion (use spoilers if neccessary)
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Gundam Manga Discussion
Gundam Manga Discussion (use spoilers if neccessary)
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Anime and Manga
Post any news relating to any anime/manga without it's own section already.
2 1 Wednesday, 2009/Oct/28, 1:30 PM
Thread: Taka Fansubs announces Datte...
Posted by: overdrive_king
Anime Discussion
Discuss any anime that does not have it's own section already.
1 18 Monday, 2009/Aug/03, 6:41 PM
Thread: One Piece Pirate Ship
Posted by: Yaoi
Anime Recommendations
Got any anime recommendations? Say so here.
2 43 Thursday, 2009/Sep/17, 1:24 PM
Thread: Ouran High School Host Club
Posted by: Yaoi
Manga Discussion
Discuss any Manga here that does not have it's own section already.
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Manga Recommendations
Got any recommended manga? Say so here.
3 3 Wednesday, 2009/Sep/23, 0:17 AM
Thread: General Manga Recommendation...
Posted by: Marlboro-Man

Anime/Manga FC
For FC's related to anime/manga
Forum moderator: DarkNinja91
3 47 Thursday, 2009/Sep/10, 10:29 PM
Thread: Spice and Wolf FC
Posted by: cheetahrob
General Fanclubs
For FC's not related to anime/manga
Forum moderator: DarkNinja91
4 40 Saturday, 2009/Aug/08, 8:13 PM
Thread: MacazBitch FanClub
Posted by: Yaoi

Gamer and Technology Central
Talk about anything related to gaming here
6 24 Wednesday, 2009/Aug/12, 3:34 PM
Thread: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Posted by: DarkNinja91
Tech. Lounge
Anything tech. related goes here.
4 19 Sunday, 2009/Oct/11, 3:58 AM
Thread: Eligible Students = Windows ...
Posted by: Off-The-Chart

Art Studio
Tutorials for Photoshop, Gimp, and many more...
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GFX Showcase
Show off your GFX here!
2 14 Tuesday, 2009/Sep/22, 11:59 PM
Thread: Dark's Gallery
Posted by: Marlboro-Man
Got a GFX Request? Post it here!
1 4 Saturday, 2009/Jul/18, 10:27 AM
Thread: Forum Icons
Posted by: overdrive_king
AMV Central
People are always making these, so post yours here
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Off Topic Lounge
Spam Center
Any type of spam can go here...(post count does not increase).
6 151 Wednesday, 2009/Sep/23, 0:30 AM
Thread: Three word story game...
Posted by: Marlboro-Man

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